The Anti-Sparkle (sandpuppeteer) wrote,
The Anti-Sparkle

Oh Portland

Went to Stumptown. Had a lot of fun. Talked to some artists I like. Bought a printer.

On my way home I encountered so much that was just so typical of this city. Your usual strung out types. A mass hoard of Blazers fans acting like idiots.

Walking from the Lloyd Center to the MAX (through the park there) I walked passed a guy LICKING his iPhone. From the looks of it, it was the Home button part.

Made it to the MAX stop and sat down to wait on the fence. This greasy looking really old guy in a wheel chair was singing about stuff around him. My hat and stuff got mentioned and I knew I couldn't avoid him. He approached me asking for change. I only had a $20 bill in my pocket. When I started to say I didn't have change he interrupted with me "Don't say it!" And I informed him that I'd just spent all my cash at Stumptown.

He asked what I'd gotten and I reached in to pull out the first thing I laid hands on. It turned out to be the comic Stumptown by Mike Ruka and Matt Southworth. He started flipping through it all eager like and the following occurred:

Him: (excited) "Is there smut in this?"
Me: "No, there's not."
Him: "Are they selling anything with smut?"
Me: "No, there's a lot of kids in there."
Him: "Do the got Blood there?"
Me: "Blood?"
Him: "Yeah! It's got this girl who's part monster."
Me: "The Japanese one?"
Him: "Yeah! That's it!"
Me: "I don't think they'd have it. This is more for American comics. Dark Horse and stuff like that are in there."
Him: "Dark Horse! Yeah!"

And he gave me the comic back, turned around and took off as fast as his wheels would go.

Just oh Portland.
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